About NAL

The NASA Alumni League is based in Washington D. C. with leadership for the 2014-2015 year by:

  • Fred Gregory, Chair;

  • Wayne Hale, President; and

  • Mal Peterson, Executive Director

National League Goals

The national goals of the NASA Alumni League include the following recommendations for all League members:
•    Make known their views on the nation’s aeronautical and space activities.
•    Keep abreast of the latest aerospace developments in all areas and in all sectors.
•    Explore critical aeronautical and space issues in depth.
•    Contribute their expertise when the League is asked to undertake specific tasks for NASA or other organizations.

Drawing on the unique experience and talents of its members, the League presents an independent voice on aerospace issues to the public and private sectors, the media, the Congress and the executive branch of the federal government; It has no affiliation with the government or private institutions.   We speak through press releases, letters to NASA management and members of the administration, testimony before Congress, and special studies and reports.

The organization’s official position toward these agencies and all government aerospace programs and policies is deliberately independent – supportive when appropriate, critical when necessary.

For additional information, please contact the NAL at:


c/o Malcolm L Peterson Executive Dir

5 Eagle Court

Grasonville, MD 21638

2 thoughts on “About NAL

  1. Unfortunately, I had lost track of the NASA Alumni League, and would like to affiliate again, after a membership that dates back many years. If you “inherited” membership lists/addresses from your predecessor(s), my name must have been dropped off somewhere along the line. Please send me information/forms to renew my membership

    I retired in 1985 (!) as Deputy Asst. Administrator for Public Affairs, and filling in at KSC for the inauguration of the Shuttle era, as Deputy Dir. of Public Affairs for KSC.

    Thank you!
    Al Nagy

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